The Future of Real Estate Investment is here

Zillion United is democratizing the real estate experience by making access to real estate opportunities available for everyone.

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Who We Are

We are an end-to-end platform that enables investments in fractional real estate as well as frictionless exchange of property ownership.

Doing this allows us to break down traditional barriers and enable developers/asset owners to raise funds more quickly and individuals to access institutional-quality real estate investment.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a more liquid, transparent, and accessible real estate market to empower a new generation of investors and property owners.

Our Ecosystem

Zillenium Group, or Z1 group, is a real estate conglomerate of more than 25 companies with the goals of creating a one-stop shop integrated solutions for real estate-related solutions. We exist to be the most credible solution maker and partner providing an innovative digital trading platform and value-added professional services.

At Zillion United, we are building a digital real estate platform that democratizes real estate opportunities for everyone. We strive to build a digital real estate market that is more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent to the average investor.

ZU Ecosystem

Current Real Estate Limitations

The biggest problem for both developers/asset owners and retail investors is the difficulty of transaction. Real estate closing requires a lengthy legal process involving multiple parties, government beaurcracy, and endless paperwork

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Our Investment Solutions

UT TradingBuy & Sell your real estate equity from anywhere at any timeAccess to institutional-quality deals through ZU's rigorous investment processBuild a real estate portfolio and enjoy passive income with a compliant and user-friendly platformProperty SwapMake use of idle properties by swapping them in for trading balance to participate in UT tradingAcquire new property more quickly with only one transaction (swap) rather than two (buy/sell)Diversify portfolio through swapping properties of different sizes and geographical locationsZillion United ProcessProperty PortfolioUT TradingProperty SwapFractional OwnershipSecondaryTradingProperty vs. CashProperty vs. Property

Our Products

UT Trading Explained

Join our co-investment schemes and become a co-owner for as little as $1.


Invest Wisely

Our listed properties are fully vetted by real estate professionals with many years of experience.


Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership help mitigate your risk exposure and labor costs associated with real estate investment.


Buy and Sell

Trade and liquidate at your own schedule, anytime and any place.

Our Achievements

Meet our Founders

A veteran real estate professional with over 10 years in the field and Chairman of multiple businesses and associations in Cambodia. Currently, the CEO of VTRUST Group, Vice President to the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association, Chairman of the Cambodian Investors Club, and Vice President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia and BOD Member of AmCham. VAT is one of the most well respected Cambodian individuals who is recognized for his transparency in business, integrity, and the trust he has built in the local business community.



Our Founders' Story

Mr. Kuy Vat and Rayanith Bong joined forces in 2020 with a mutual goal: to democratize real estate opportunities to everyone. Real estate is the largest investment asset class in Cambodia as property prices have nearly tripled in the last 10 years. However, the best real estate in the market is generally not accessible to individual investors because it requires large amounts of capital that is only accessible to high-earning investors and institutions. In addition, it requires professional due diligence and management to get the best investor returns. At Zillion United, we have revolutionized the real estate experience and built a product that would give everyone—not just the wealthy—equal access to this opportunity.


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